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As a Newport Beach native, Aaron Andersen has grown up around all of the finer things Orange County has to offer. Aaron graduated with a Business Administration degree from VUSC and has been in sales ever since. Directly out of college, Aaron started selling marketing products to high end car dealerships such as Fletcher Jones, Newport Lexus, and Crevier BMW. At 23 years old, he set the record for most accounts signed in a single month as well as being the top producing agent out of 40 independent contractors. By 24 years old, he was asked to manage 5 agents, most of whom were twice his age, so they could learn his negotiating and closing procedures.
After years of dealing with the owners and general managers of some of the top dealerships in the world, Aaron decided to follow his true passion in Real Estate. Due to his unbridled work ethic, his commitment to his clients (who often become his closest friends), and his uncanny negotiating skills which were developed by years of doing deals with leaders in the automotive industry, Aaron is the perfect candidate to represent buyers and sellers for their next luxury endeavor in real estate.

raise your equity position

People ask if we are just out to set sales records as trophies. The answer is no. When we help sell a home for a record price, it raises equity positions of entire neighborhoods and directly benefits not only our clients, but every single homeowner in the community.

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