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Michael Balliet is dedicated to providing the highest level of service for his clients, with a primary focus on Orange County’s Coastal Communities. After 25 years in the financial services industry, Balliet has had a successful and seamless transition into the luxury real estate market. The scope of Balliet’s vast experience includes closing hundreds of merger & acquisition-related transactions in the corporate escrow space with an aggregate deal value in excess of $25 billion, advising institutional and ultra-high-net-worth clients on fixed-income trading, and working on personal asset allocation models for insiders of public companies. Additionally, Balliet’s prior experience working as a bond trader gives him a comprehensive understanding of the global markets which is specifically helpful relative to credit and interest rate markets.
Whether buying an investment property or a family's dream home, real estate is generally one of the largest and most important asset classes in one’s portfolio. Michael is deeply passionate about real estate and not only has an appreciation for the architectural and interior design aspects but also knows the investment opportunities that are inherently important to his clients. Michael truly loves helping families find the perfect home to call their own. Michael’s proven track record managing assets and helping affluent families with their investments is a critical skill-set that enables him to offer unprecedented value in one of the most important decisions one can make.
Michael resides in Laguna Beach with his wife, Parisa, and two school-age daughters, Sophia and Chloe.

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