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Meet Parker, a dedicated family man with over seven years of sales expertise and a commendable history at Compass. His competitive spirit was honed on the basketball courts of San Diego State University, where he contributed to three Mountain West Championships and a Sweet Sixteen appearance in March Madness. Hailing from Sacramento and an alumnus of Jesuit High School, Parker's passions extend to golf and pickleball, and he cherishes quality time with his daughter.

Whether securing an investment property or finding the ideal family residence, real estate represents a significant component of one's assets. Parker brings a fervent passion for the industry, with a keen eye for architecture and interior design, coupled with an astute understanding of the investment potential vital to his clients. He finds genuine joy in assisting families to discover their dream homes. With seven years of experience in real estate and a background in sales, Parker's expertise in managing assets and guiding affluent clients through their investment choices equips him with the unique ability to deliver exceptional value in the pivotal decisions surrounding real estate transactions.


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People ask if we are just out to set sales records as trophies. The answer is no. When we help sell a home for a record price, it raises equity positions of entire neighborhoods and directly benefits not only our clients, but every single homeowner in the community.

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