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Victor launched his real estate career in 2001 focusing on mortgage banking where he worked with a variety of homeowners in coastal Orange County. Having received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Design; his love of architecture, interior design, and prime properties led him to become a real estate broker specializing in coastal luxury real estate.

He saw an opportunity to take the experiences he learned in the mortgage banking industry and apply them into real estate, where he could deliver the highest level of service yielding his clients optimal results.

Victor takes pride in his stellar reputation within the community as well as being known as a real estate broker who does whatever it takes to exceed his clients’ expectations. He enjoys competing at the highest level and relies on his killer instincts and unbridled work ethic in order to win for his clients.

He built his reputation in luxury real estate sales on the ability to define the needs that are unique to each of his clients. Having a vast clientele including many high-profile clients who are constantly in the limelight, to ultra-confidential clients who prefer to remain private, Victor recognizes and understands the essentials of being a VIP luxury real estate specialist.
With nearly two decades of invaluable knowledge dealing with VIP and high net-worth clientele, Victor has a firm understanding of how to resolve complex real estate problems so that his clients can have the peace of mind that they are working with the best broker.

Victor welcomes you the opportunity to show you the difference between working with just any real estate company and one that is backed by a top team with the most innovative approach to real estate in the industry.


raise your equity position

People ask if we are just out to set sales records as trophies. The answer is no. When we help sell a home for a record price, it raises equity positions of entire neighborhoods and directly benefits not only our clients, but every single homeowner in the community.

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